Reusable Hemp Cotton Rounds

Swap to reusable hemp cotton rounds  Designed to last for years of use, you’ll never have to use throwaway cotton rounds or makeup remover wipes again! These are gentle enough to be used on all skin types, even sensitive skin, dry skin and delicate baby skin.

Use our super gentle wipes on their own, with makeup remover, or with your favorite facial products. Simply wash & reuse in the mesh cotton laundry bag.

100% natural pads are gentle enough to be used on all skin types, even sensitive skin, dry skin and delicate baby skin.

Includes: 10-pack includes 10 reusable hemp cotton rounds and a mesh cotton laundry bag. 20-pack includes 2x 10-packs and 2x laundry bags. 

Size: 3.25" in diameter. Double sided (2 ply) — two layers sewn together makes for a better clean up! 

How to Use: Wet round first as this will make it so it won't absorb as much product. Add your favorite makeup remover, cleanser, or toner and apply to your face. 

Mother Earth Approved: We chose hemp cotton because for one acre of land, hemp can produce 1,500 pounds of fiber – 3x the amount of cotton. Hemp can also reduce soil pollution, uses drastically less water than cotton, is antimicrobial and durable, and one of the strongest natural fibers. Our rounds are 70% hemp and 30% cotton. 

Care Instructions: For best results, machine wash warm. Tumble dry low. No chlorine bleach. No fabric softeners.

Multipurpose: These rounds are soft enough to even be used as nursing pads.

Packaging: Kraft paper box.

Reusable Hemp Cotton Rounds

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