Mobile Phone Stand/Holder


-Protect your family from the exposures of damaged phone chargers. 

-Answer your zoom meeting and facetime calls without your phone going dead.

-Give your neck posture some relief. 

-Rest your phone anywhere without bending your charger.


Mobile Phone Stand/Holder

  • Is your phone/phone case slim or thick?

    ex. thick would be otterbox type cases

    ex. slim would be silicone cases with a hard plastic cover and slim android and iphones. 

    Please note if you have any concerns in the comment section of your purchase and a representative will contact you.

  • This product is in the pre-manufactured stage. This patented product is the first product we have presented to the public. We would like to thank each and every person who purchases this phone stand/holder. During the preorder stage, we are unavailable to offer refunds. Have no fear, we will ensure that you recieve a product that you and your family will love and can use for a long time.

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