Alan's Unforgettable Birthday!

Alan's Astounding Adventures Book 1: Alan's Unforgettable Birthday tells the story of a seven year old free spirited boy named, Alan. He is special in his very own way. Take a glimpse into Alan's world and read about all the amazing things that happen to him.  


Learning self-acceptance as well as giving the gift of kindness can always help improve our world.


(Alan's Astounding Adventures was created to bring more awareness to children with special gifts, talents, and disabilities. In this seriers, we shed light on a child living with Autism, and how he overcomes life's challenges.)


This ebook (Alan's Unforgettable Birthday) is Copyrighted with the Library of Congress. Do not resale.  Alan's Unforgettable Adventure's is owned and written by Caitlyn Spane

Alan's Unforgettable Birthday!