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Cord Cradle Company TM is a company that was built on our founder's love for technology. Our CEO, Caitlyn Spane, invented her first electronic accessory in 2018. After developing and patenting her intellectual property, she is now ready to release her new mobile phone accessory. The phone holder is one of the newest accessories entering the market in early 2021. Cord Cradle Company is about putting our customers first, protecting tech users from harmful exposures, and offering a comfortable and convenient experience for our product users. We expect to release the phone holder in March 2021. Cord Cradle Company is all about protecting important connections. Therefore, we have many wonderful products coming soon like books, music, and fun accessories for hearts of all of ages to enjoy. We look forward to expanding our videos, blogs, and interviews to learning through multicultural experiences, food, farming, and safety.

To Book Caitlyn Spane to perform "Read and Play" for kid's parties, contact The band will also present books to the children. 

Thank You for visiting this site! Cord Cradle Company is a woman minority owned small business. Every time you visit this page, we hope you are inspired to try our products. Cord Cradle Company creates innovative products & services that solve problems, improve connections, and achieve new heights!

All products displayed on this site are patented, trademarked, and copyrighted with the USPTO and Library of Congress.

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